The Expedition Connexion 2001

Expedition Connexion 2001 has accomplished a 2 1/2 months fieldwork in Chukotka. The fieldwork was carried out among the Yupik and Chukchi populations in the villages of Sireniki, Novoe Chaplino and Yanrakynnot, as well as in the cities Anadyr and Provideniya. The expedition had served two purposes:

1. Anthropological investigation. The scientific purpose of the expedition was to explore and analyse the indigenous peoples chances of survival in relation to the complex ethno-demographical situation on the Chukotka Peninsula.
2. Bridge building between Yupiget in Chukotka and Inuit in Greenland. The humanitarian purpose of the expedition was to establish more concrete contacts between the Yupik and Chukchi population of the Chukotka Peninsula with the Greenlandic institutions and Danish-Greenlandic financial security.


The network established during the previous expedition, YUPIK '98, was strengthened and enlarged. However, as in 1998, personal relations became of large importance to the work of the expedition. Below the main official partners of the expedition are presented.

Scientists Academic research organisation, "NIT's Chukotka", Anadyr
The expedition had a short stay in Anadyr, where we were kindly accepted and offered to stay in the research organisation's gests apartment. At a short meeting with Vladimir M. Yetylin we were informed about the nowadays-political relations in the district.

Providenskii rayon's administrative and political management
During the expedition its members negotiated with the head of the administration in Provideniya, Danilyuk, and later with village councils in Sireniki and Novoe Chaplino. It was of our great interest to enlarge the knowledge of the population of the villages about Greenland, and to establish relations between them and the Inuit population in Greenland.

The Department of Eskimology, University of Copenhagen
Experience and data received from both expedition Yupik '98 and expedition Connexion 2001 are used for teaching of the faculty's students

Other partners
The Greenlandic Society, Greenlandic National Museum and Archives, INFONOR, Friluftsland, Fjeld & Fritid

Attached projects

The Houses of Greenlanders in Copenhagen,, Aarhus and Odense The expedition group has arranged an exhibition with photos, video, and information about Chukotka. The exhibition was shown in turn at all Houses of Greenlanders.

Sisimiut Museum, Greenland
In cooperation with the museum keeper in Sisimiut, Klaus George Hansen, the exhibition mentioned above was sent to Greenland to cirkulate from museum to museum. As an introduction to the exhibition Bent Nielsen gave some talks in Sisimiut about Yupiget and the situation in Chukotka.

Dictionary-lexicon of Sibrian Eskimo Language
Under the guidance of a Russian researcher, Dr. L. Bogoslovskaya a special dictionary about whaling, hunt, nature and climate was being completed. The expedition Connexion 2001 provided a financial support for this project via contact to Linguistic Circle Committee for Endangered Languages in Denmark.

Tandex A/S and Colgate-Palmolive A/S
Eevi Pulst Andersen performed a smaller project regarding Yupik children's teeth-set and bite-function. The above mentioned companies sponsored toothbrushes and toothpaste which were handed out to the people in the villages.


At the end of expedition a report was drawn up and sent to all the partners and other relevant contacts in Chukotka, Greenland, and Denmark.

Demographic analysis
One of the important goals of the expedition was to investigate the population composition in the villages Sireniki and Novoe Chaplino, where Yupiget form the majority of the population. All the houses were visited and all people were registered (anonymously) in accordance with a questionnaire (age, sex, ethnic identity, ethnic identity of the parents, schooling, education, work etc.

Several lectures were given on different aspects of the Yupigets' life and conditions, according to the data registered during the expedition Connexion 2001. The lectures were given at: the Department of Eskimology (University of Copenhagen), Folkeuniversitetet (Copenhagen), House of Greenlanders in Copenhagen, University of Vienna, Sisimiut Municipality, Folkeligt Oplysnings Forbund.

As a consequence of the two expeditions, Yupik' 98 and Connexion 2001, the leader of the expedition, Bent Nielsen, from July 2001 has been employed at the Department of Eskimology (University of Copenhagen) as an academic worker. From the 1 of February 2002 he got a three years PhD scholarship at the Department of Eskimology.


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Expedition team

Anja Naja Raahauge, research assistant. ANR has a Bachelor degree in English received at the University of Copenhagen, and works on her thesis on Postcolonial Studies. ANR is originally from Greenland, and was responsible for the establishment of closer relationship between Yupiget in Chukotka and Inuit in Greenland.

Eevi Pulst Andersen, interpreter. EPA is originally from Estonia and has Russian as her mother tongue. She functioned as an interpreter during the expedition. EPA is a dentist student at the University of Copenhagen. Apart from her interpreting function, she also carried out a separate odontological project on Chukotka.

Ilja Artemov, interpreter and travel organizer. IA has a Bachelor degree in history from the University of Copenhagen and works on his thesis about the pre-Soviet relations in Russia. IA is originally from Russia and has experience from the previous expedition YUPIK' 98. He was an interpreter and at the same time responsible for the practical arrangements during the expedition. Furthermore, he recorded approximately 16 hours of video documentation.

Bent Nielsen, head of the expedition. BN is a Ph.D. student at the University of Copenhagen. He has written several articles and has given a number of lectures about the life of Yupiget in Chukotka. BN had the superior responsibility for the expedition. At the same time he was the man behind more than 800 slides


Expedition Connexion 2001 was financed by different funds and private companies (organisations): Danish-Russian Cultural agreement program (Ministry of Education), the Foundation of Queen Margareth and Prince Henry, A foundation of the Greenlandic Parliament, Danish-Greenlandic Culture Foundation, Holger Pedersen's Grant for the advancement of Scandinavian Interests, King Frederic and Queen Ingrid's Foundation, the Nuna Foundation, Solstice Foundation, the Dentists Foundation of 1992.