5. Danish Chukotka Expedition

The 5. Danish Chukotka expedition is planned to be carried out in July-August 2006, where the expedition group intends to spend the first week in Anadyr and afterwards continue to the Providenskiy rayon (Providenija, Novoe Chaplino and Yanrakynnot) and the Chukotskiy rayon (Lawrentiya, Lorino, Uelen and Inchaun). The research of the expedition group concerns:  


1. Skin production and skin processing. In continuation of the issues and areas in which DTE has been engaged, previously, this time the expedition specifically will focus on the special Eskimo and Chukchi traditions concerning the production, processing and use of skin. Mainly, the research will be focused on the economic and cultural aspects of skin production and skin processing. With these two aspects in mind, the expedition group will try to understand and describe, how animal skin are processed from an animal is killed until the skin at last is used for clothes, domestic industry etc. The overall qualitative research question is: Which cultural and economic effects does the skin production have on the Eskimo and Chukchi population of the Chukotka peninsula?


2. In the footsteps of Knud Rasmussen. The original vision of Knud Rasmussen’s Fifth Thule Expedition was not only to visit all known Eskimo groups, but also to continue the big sledge ride all the way through Chukotka and Siberia to Scandinavia. This vision was not fulfilled because the Soviet authorities deported KR after a short stay in Chukotka in 1924. The expedition group will conduct a more specified investigation of this short stay in Chukotka. The investigation will be supplemented by visits to all the places KR described: Uelen, Naukan, and Emmittan (Djeznev) with a view to making comparison of the places now and then. Furthermore, the group intends to seek out the descendants of those people, who KR photographed and interviewed – partly to return the photographs and partly to interview these people on their knowledge about KR and Greenland.






The Greenlandic Society

Protector of the Danish Chukotka Expeditions

The Artic Institute

The Artic Institute and DTE have an agreement, where DTE transfers its collections of photographs, videos, documents etc. to AI to secure the best way of protection. Moreover, AI has financially supported  the implementation of DTE5.

The Danish National Museum

The Danish National Museum’s ethnographical collection has assisted with the findings of important documents and photographs from Knud Rasmussen’s stay in Chukotka.

The Royal Danish Library

The manuscript collection and the photograph collection of the Royal Danish Library have been very helpful in finding material concerning Knud Rasmussen’s Fifth Thule Expedition.

The Knud Rasmussen Society

The KRS has been kind to introduce the expedition group to Knud Rasmussen’s documents in Hundested, and after the DTE5 is finished, the results of the expedition are expected to be presented at a lecture in the Knud Rasmussen Society. 
















The DTE5 is sponsored by Friluftsland. This support is granted through a favourable discount agreement when buying various equipments in the Friluftsland’s shops.

Fjeld & Fritid 


The DTE5 is sponsored by Fjeld & Fritid. This support is granted through a favourable discount agreement when buying various equipments in the Fjeld & Fritid’s shops.

















Bent Nielsen. BN, is Eskimologist, Ph.D., from Department of Eskimology and Arctic Studies, University of Copenhagen, and from 1st of September he takes up his director office at Arctic Institute in Copenhagen. BN, who took the initiatives for Danish Chukotka Expeditions, is the head of the expedition.

Lena Azimi. LA is an arts student at Department of East European Studies, University of Copenhagen and at Copenhagen Business School.

Ivan Goncharenko. IG is an arts student at Department of Philosphy, University of Copenhagen from 1st of September 2006.



The Expedition group is very grateful for the economic support, which a number of Danish foundations have granted and thereby enabled the expedition to be carried out:


The Knud Rasmussen Fundation


Kong Frederiks og Dronning Ingrids Fond (Royal Danish Court)


Det Kongelige Grønlandsfond (Royal Danish Court)


Dronning Margrethes og Prins Henriks Fond (Royal Danish Court)


The Aage V. Jensen Fundations


The Augustinus Foundation


The Denmark-Greenland Cultural Foundation


Aase og Joergen Munters Foundation

Holger Pedersen's Bursary concerning Scandinavian Affairs

Consul Georg Jorck's and Wife's Foundation

The Tuborg Foundation