3. Danish Chukotka Expedition

3. Danish Chukotka Expedition carried out one and a half months of fieldwork during March and April 2003 in Chukotka. The fieldwork was done among the Yupiget and Chukchi people in the villages of Novoe Chaplino and Sireniki and also in the towns of Anadyr and Provideniya. The purpose of 3. Danish Chukotka Expedition was mainly to gain two things:

1. Anthropological research. The scientific aim was a thorough investigation of the Siberian Yupigets' circumstances seen in perspective of economic structures, gender roles and language.
2. Bridge building between the Yupiget of Chukotka and Inuit of Greenland. The humanitarian goal was to create direct contact between the two groups of people.


3. Danish Chukotka Expedition had the privilege of working with many people in Chukotka because of the good contacts that were made during the first two expeditions. The official partners are presented below:

Ilisimatusarfik, University of Greenland
Scholarly dialog with professor Yvon Csonka concerning indigenous peoples of Chukotka.

Dr. L. S. Bogoslovskaya, Moscow
The expedition group has had the privilege to draw on Bogoslovskaya's experiences from Chukotka during meetings and discussions both here in Copenhagen and in Moscow.

Professor Michael Fortescue, University of Copenhagen
One of the aims of the expedition was to investigate the Sibirian Yupiks' linguistic situation and this was prepared in discussion with Professor M. Fortescue.

Department of Eskimology, University of Copenhagen
The results of the expedition will be a part of Bent Nielsens' Ph.D. study at Department of Eskimology. Fieldwork experiences will become a part of the training of new students at the Institute.

Det Groenlandske Selskab, INFONOR, Friluftsland, Fjeld & Fritid

Associated projects

Twin town project: Sisimiut - Provideniya In continuation of the Expedition Connexion 2001, Bent Nielsen has shared his idea of making a twin town project with the mayor of Sisimiut Municipality, Hermann Berthelsen. After this the group got a mandate to negotiate on behalf of Sisimiut Municipality to make the twin town project come true. During the Expedition Connexion 2001 the inhabitants of Chukotka made it very clear that their interest in getting to know the Greenlandic people is big.


At the end of the expedition a report (with a summary in English) was drawn up and sent to all the partners and other relevant contacts in Chukotka, Greenland, and Denmark.

In may 2004, Danish Chukotka Expeditions and the Department of Eskimology, University of Copenhagen co-arranged a conference: Tjukotka i fortid og nutid. Some results from the expedition were presented by Mette Thybo Jensen, Daria Morgounova and Bent Nielsen. In addition, several Danish researchers presented their results concerning Chukotka.

Public media
Radio journalist Erik Lund presented Danish Chukotka Expeditions at Danmarks Radio P1/Orientering 18. juni 2004.

The Greenlandic newspaper Atuagagdliutit/Grønlandsposten brought a full page feature concerning the above mentioned conference on May 25th. The article was presented in greenlandic and danish. View the article as PDF. Summary in Russian.


Morgounova, Daria MA-thesis: Language Contacts on Both Sides of the Bering Strait. A Comparative Study of Central Siberian Yupik-Russian and Central Alaskan Yupik-English Language Contact.
2004 Københavns Universitet. Det Humanistiske Fakultet. Engelsk Institut.

Jensen, Mette Thybo Field study: Tjukotkas stærke kvinder - en etnografisk undersøgelse af kvindernes strategier for udvidelse af råderum i Novoe Tjaplino og Sireniki 2003, med fokus på de eskimoiske kvinder
2004 Afdeling for etnografi og socialantropologi, Århus Universitet.

Nielsen, Bent Ekspeditionsrapport for 3. Danske Tjukotka Ekspedition. Danish version. Русская версия
2004 København. ISBN 87-990106-0-7 / ISBN 87-990106-1-5


Mette Thybo Jensen, research assistant. MTJ studies anthropology at the University of Aarhus and has a special focus on and a responsibility for a more thorough investigation of gender roles in some of the small villages of Chukotka. MTJ was co-planner of the methodological issues of the expedition. As the only participant MTJ stayed in Chukotka for three months.

Pipaluk Hoegh-Knudsen, research assistant. PHK is from Sisimiut, Greenland, and is a student at Ilisimatusarfik's department of Cultural and Social History. The results of the expedition will enter into PHK's education. PHK had a special responsibility for the twin town project and the building up of relations between Greenland and Chukotka.

Ilja Artemov, interpreter and travel organizer. IA has a BA in history and media. He has studied at University of Copenhagen and is now working on his thesis on pre-soviet conditions in Russia. IA is Russian and has a great deal of experience from the first two Danish Chukotka Expeditions. IA worked as interpreter and travel organiser and took care of the video recordings.

Daria Morgounova, interpreter. DM is from Byeloruss and has a BA in English and Russian from the universities of Manchester, Odense and Copenhagen. She is now working on her thesis on indigenous peoples' languages in Russia. DM worked as interpreter and made a small project concerning the language situation in Chukotka.

Bent Nielsen, head of expedition. BN is a Ph.D. student at University of Copenhagen. BN had the overall responsibility of the expedition and the carrying out of the project as a whole. BN had organized the scientific programme and was the head of the negotiations with the different governmental instances. On background of the first two expeditions BN has had several articles published and given a number of lectures on the Yupik people of Chukotka.


3. Danish Chukotka Expedition was financed by funds and private companies: The Danish-Russian Cultural Programme (Danish Department of Education), The Greenlandic Homerules' Department of Culture, Education, Research and Church, Dronning Magrethes og Prins Henriks Fond (Royal Danish Court), Municipality of Sisimiut, the Knud Rasmussen Foundation, Permagreen Sisimiut, Fjeld og Fritid, Friluftsland.